Plastic Disclosure Project


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    Solution Providers

    Solution providers are but one subset of the group that can help to bring about new Innovative solution which are necessary if we are to continue using plastics in products and packaging without damaging the environment.  Research teams in businesses and universities are working on improved technologies for recycling and energy recovery, innovative designs and alternative materials.  This section highlights some of these types of solutions, but many also come from internal R&D improvements, changes in management focus on plastic as a resource, as opposed to a waste material, or something that can and should be reused for similar or new products.   Some of these changes may be driven by legislative change, incentives or penalties, depening on the needs of the host community.   This list is not exhaustive, but is meant to give an idea of what is out there, and with more to come.   Please contact us if you are able to provide solutions, or you know who can, so that in the end, we can still use plastic, but not allow it to be a burden on our environment when not handled properly at its end of orginal use.

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