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If you don't measure it, you can't manage it........ 

How It Works

In line with the growth in interest in the circular economy, the PDP is well positioned as the methodology for baseline calculation of plastic use, recycled content and waste generation, so that better management decisions can be made on reducing waste and recovering resources.  Companies can measure and report their plastic footprint, and answer questions related to their strategies for managing their plastic use in an environmentally friendly manner. There is no right or wrong number, but by being invovled with the PDP, it shows stakeholders in the community that management is aware of how best to manage its resources and reduce its impacts on the environment.  This is important for brand value, publicity, consumer engagement and the intangible value of the company if publicly listed.  In addition to companies, universities, hospitals and local governments will be encouraged to participate.  Examples of solution providers and industry leaders will be highlighted on the PDP website.

PDP Questions for the following stakeholder groups are included:

CompaniesUniversitiesNational Parks (PDP Parks), Sports Events (PDP Sports)

All types of companies can participate in PDP, whether publicly or privately held, and whether big or small in size.  The goal is to showcase best practices so that some can be applied on a larger scale if applicable.

Download the PDP Fact Sheet for further information.


In addition to companies, other organizations can also join PDP -- commiting to measure and report their plastic footprint. and develop plastic management strategies that are environmentally friendly.

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