Plastic Disclosure Project

Find Out Your Baseline Metrics


You can make important and significant gains on plastic pollution reduction, resource recovery and circularity of materials if you undertake the Plastic Disclosure Project (PDP) in order to understand the baseline of your current use, recovery, recycling and use of recycled content.  We have surveys for both the manufacturing industry, as well as the service industry, which does not necessarily produce products, but which aggregates waste via the use of materials and products in their operations, such as airports, stadiums, universities, hospitals and municipalities.   

We encourage you to undertake the PDP, giving you greatly expanded knowledge and capacity on how best to engage your employees, customers, procurement teams, designers and marketing departments.   This information will allow you to take the lead in your space and industry, designing products and services that can be used in the circular economy, without the waste footprint.    

Click Here to undertake the survey, courtesy of our partners, Get Feedback and SalesForce.   


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