Plastic Disclosure Project


The Plastic Disclosure Project is an initiative that requests annual reporting and transparency regarding the production, use and handling of plastic and plastic waste by organisations.   By measuring the amount of plastic that flows through an organisation, efficiencies can be gained in cost reduction, wastage reduction, new design, new materials, and better recycling.  Without undertaking this baseline analysis, it is hard to know how to manage your resources if you don't measure them, and therefore it's harder to move into the circular economy with this material.  While designed for companies, institutions such as hospitals, universities, government offices and sports associations or teams can also participate to calculate and report their own "plastic footprint" on an annual basis.

The investment community is interested in this topic too, as new value can be realized by companies who take time to review and report their improvements in plastic management, and not just value from the potential improvements in their own bottom lines.   New innovations and improved changes in material use and design should also have benefits for companies’ consumer bases, employees and the environment in which they reside, positioning them to better avoid reputational, regulatory, liability and economic risks, and sieze opportunities. Investment institutions interested to know more about the project, or who wish to join as signatories to the project, are encouraged to contact at

Survey responses will be made publically available, where agreed by the responding corporates.   

UN endorsement





  • Reduce plastic waste in the environment
  • Encourage sustainable business practices vis-a-vis plastic
  • Inspire improved design & innovative solutions


  • Support annual disclosure of plastic footprints/ management strategies
  • Encourage efficiencies in plastic use, reuse and recycling
  • Broaden awareness of plastic investment risks and opportunities


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