Plastic Disclosure Project

FAQ: General

  1. What is the relationship between the Plastic Disclosure Project (PDP) and the Ocean Recovery Alliance?

    The Plastic Disclosure Project is a project of the non-profit Ocean Recovery Alliance.  PDP, as an Ocean Recovery Alliance project, benefits from this tax-exempt status.  To learn more about Ocean Recovery Alliance, see About Us or visit

  2. What types of entities can participate?

    The Plastic Disclosure Project not just for listed companies.   Small, privately held companies can also report their annual plastic use and waste footprint vis-a-vis plastic.  Institutions such as hospitals, sports teams or associations, airports, universities, government departments and small municipalities can all calculate their annual plastic footprint and have this submitted to the PDP.   Just by knowing how much you use, and/or how much is brought into your location from the outside, and how the waste is handled, is a start to then knowing how to make improvements and efficiencies in the way the material is used, and re-used. 

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