Plastic Disclosure Project

Why Participate?

If you don't measure it, you can't manage it........

Risks and Opportunities

By measuring and managing the volume, types, uses, wastage, and end-of-life disposition of plastic products, packaging, and components, organisations can improve their efficiency, economics, and environmental impact.  

By reporting publicly, organisations demonstrate their ability to manage and act on an issue that is becoming increasingly important to a wide range of stakeholders including customers/clients, consumers, local community, citizens at large, NGOs, governments, politicians, regulators and investors.

One only needs to read the paper or scan the internet headlines to see examples of plastic being used in innovative, creative ways that increase revenues, market share, or profitability; it is just as easy to find headlines where organisations have suffered from reputational, regulatory, economic or investor issues when their plastic use or waste has been mismanaged.

PDP conducts analysis, produces reports, and advises companies and investors, based on publicly available information plus disclosures released to PDP confidentially.  Our work is intended to highlight the efforts made by companies and other organizations to measure their plastic footprint, and encourage the development of more active strategies to manage and reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste.

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In particular, we hope to highlight companies that are market leaders and solution providers, thereby providing an example for others to follow, and setting standards for best practice.  We seek to champion those that manage their plastic footprint responsibly - whether that be through innovative plastic products and solutions, reducing operational waste, increasing recycling, optimising plastic consumption, choosing favourable alternatives, recovering products and packaging after use, or ensuring proper disposal at end-of-life.

So, don't you want to be one of the organisations reaping the benefits of managing their plastic footprint, rather than one being impacted by all the risks?  Become a Discloser!

Who is Disclosing Now?

A growing number of organisations around the world are already taking action.  While some have implemented PDP's recommendations as a direct result of our engagement with them, or pressure from NGOs, regulators, governments and citizens; most organisations have acted in advance, having recognised the importance of managing their plastic footprint wisely, and communicating their progress to their stakeholders.  see Who is Disclosing Now?

Organisations of all forms -- public, private, institutions, governments, clubs, facilities -- can take on PDP's "Plastic Footprint Challenge": commiting to measure and report their plastic footprint, and thus developing plastic management strategies that are effective, efficient, economical and environmentally friendly.

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