Plastic Disclosure Project

How It Works

If you don't measure it, you can't manage it........

How It Works

On behalf of a wide range of stakeholders, including the world's sustainable investment community, the PDP asks organisations to measure, manage and report on their plastic use.  This is ensure plastic is well managed, as with other valuable resources -- if plastic use is measured, management of the material will become more efficient, innovative, cost-saving, and sustainable.  

All types of companies can participate in PDP, whether publicly or privately held, since almost all of us use plastic in one way or another for different parts of our businesses or organizations.  In addition to companies, all other forms of organisations including universities, hospitals and local governments are encouraged to participate. 

The main focus of the PDP is on companies in the consumer goods and technology sectors, as well as other service industries such as airlines and hotels that may use or sell plastic-intensive products on a relatively large scale.  The PDP also encourages smaller companies to become involved, some of whom have new solutions or best practices that can be applied on a larger scale. 

PDP conducts analysis and produces reports based on publicly available information plus disclosures released to PDP confidentially.  Our findings will be made available to investors and other stakeholders, the reporting organizations, and the general public. Examples of solution providers and industry leaders, and related news items, are highlighted on the PDP website. 

4 Plastic Efficiencies ImageOur work is intended to highlight the efforts made by companies and other organizations to measure their plastic footprint, and encourage the development of more active strategies to manage and reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste.  In particular, we hope to highlight companies that are market leaders and solution providers, thereby providing an example for others to follow, and setting standards for best practice.  We seek to champion those that manage their plastic footprint responsibly - whether that be through innovative plastic products and solutions, reducing operational waste, increasing recycling, optimising plastic consumption, choosing favourable alternatives, recovering products and packaging after use, or ensuring proper disposal at end-of-life.

Why should my organisation participate?

Who is Disclosing Now?

Organisations of all forms -- public, private, institutions, governments, clubs, facilities -- can take on PDP's "Plastic Footprint Challenge": commiting to measure and report their plastic footprint, and thus developing plastic management strategies that are effective, efficient, economical and environmentally friendly.

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