Plastic Disclosure Project


Lake Tahoe Rough Water Race

- Date: September 14, 2013. Lake Tahoe

  Ocean RecoveryAlliance and the Plastic Disclosure Project have created a partnership with the Tahoe Rough Water swim. This is in order to raise awareness of Lake Tahoe's benefits and in due course highlight how we need to reduc…

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Paddleboard trip to raise awareness of plastic in the ocean

- Date: June 8, 2013. USA

  Kimberly Sutton and Kacie Wallace are attempting a stand-up paddleboard of 300 miles in a call to get parks and marinas in the area to be PDP compliant. Starting on World Ocean Day, the 8th of June, the women will start their m…

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Hong Kong's Waste Management Dialogue

- Date: June 5, 2013. Hong Kong

The second in the series of Environmental Conflict Resolution forums is being held on Wednesday the 5th of June. The dialogue will discuss important issues regarding Hong Kong waste management and how to create solutions for Hong …

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Plasticity Forum 2013 in Hong Kong

- Date: June 5, 2013. Hong Kong

The 2nd annual Plasticity Forum will take place from June 5th-7th in Hong Kong. The main event on will be on the 6th at the Asia Society. Come and join us for a big discussion on plastic, and where the leaders are going with innov…

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