Plastic Disclosure Project

Steering Committee

The work of the Plastic Disclosure Project is overseen by a global Steering Committee, drawn from investors and other stakeholders who support PDP's mission.  The Steering Committee oversees the development of the project, and provides advice to the management team.  The wide experience and network of the Steering Committee's members is a valuable asset for PDP. 


Bill Robberson

Bill Robberson

Bill has worked with the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) and the American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency (AS EPA) for over 20 years on the coordination and protection of water quality and natural resources in the Pacific Region.  His more recent work in American Samoa has focused on development and implementation of its Marine Debris Action Plan, including efforts to address the onslaught of solid plastic waste there and throughout the Region.  Bill also has extensive experience with the assembly, deployment and maintenance of solid plastic waste capture devices for outfalls, streams and rivers. 

One of Bill’s main efforts at Ocean Recover Alliance is program development for plastic footprint management and reduction within communities - engaging business, government and the broader public sector.  These efforts include solid plastic waste (SPW) collection methods and improvements; policy modifications; value-creation of programs for recovered materials; and technologies, equipment and programs which can reduce the total plastic-pollution waste-load being created.

In addition to his roles at Ocean Recovery Alliance, Bill is a founding member of the team working on development of ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) best practices and standardized laboratory & field methodologies for the collection, extraction and positive identification of microplastics in water and wastewater. 

Bill’s team is exploring the use of existing sensors/platforms and development of suitable new technologies for remote and in-situ plastic particle measurement (detection and identification), including pilot-scale and full-scale development and operational deployment of these systems.  Bill also leads an effort in development of a multi-entity collaborative 4D geospatial visualization platform and open-data sharing services to identify, track and manage sources of worldwide plastic pollution.  

Before joining Ocean Recovery Alliance, Bill served at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) for 32 years, where he specialized in water quality protection and treatment; environmental data collection and geospatial situational awareness; emergency response management and contingency planning; and included more than two decades as the Oceania and Southwest U.S. Regional Response Team Coordinator.

Bill is a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) in the State of California, and he is the founder of Ocean P3 Systems, a veteran-owned business specializing in development and implementation of environmental protection equipment, tools and programs.  His knowledge and expertise in this space is an enormous asset to Ocean Recovery Alliance's work on both plastic footprint reporting via the Plastic Disclosure Project, and the Global Alert app/platform, for reporting trash hotspots anywhere in the world's waterways and coastlines. 


Trish Hyde

Trish Hyde

Trish is an accomplished leader across diverse areas (regulatory / services / manufacturing / distribution / packaging) and a business builder. She has significant experience and strengths in strategy, marketing, and sustainability, along with a dash of determination.  In 2016 as CEO of the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC), Trish led the Covenant co-regulatory framework and organisation back from the brink of oblivion, successfully negotiating the Enhanced Covenant, and setting the multi-ministerial and broad-membership endorsed 2022 APC Vision and Strategic Plan. 

Inspired by the power of the circular economy to create lasting economic, social and environmental sustainability, this year Trish established The Plastics Circle – a business driving innovation and commercial opportunities that put the circle into circular economies in Asia Pacific. Her work spans non-profit industry collaboration and education initiatives; scrap plastic second-life-market development; technology applied within market contexts and regulatory and stakeholder engagement.

With collaboration at the core, Trish works closely with Ocean Recovery Alliance - a non-profit global organisation committed to recovering our waterways by managing plastic. Trish is a director of Plasticity, the global business ted-talks-style networking conference fostering plastic sustainability in market. She is also an adviser to the Plastic Disclosure Project, the UN and World Bank sponsored plastic footprint measurement program.  Trish has over 15 years’ corporate leadership experience in complex multi-stakeholder and highly regulated environments. She holds a Masters in Commercial Law, another in Corporate Leadership, a Bachelor of Business, and is a qualified teacher.



Bonnie Nixon

Bonnie Nixon

Bonnie is a relentless optimist and courageous catalyst for change.  She has held many high-profile positions at the global forefront of a new low carbon, resource protected and just economy. As a corporate sustainability executive, owner of an environmental planning and communications consultancy, and university educator, Bonnie has always been driven to the better end by designing and leading ethical conversations and initiatives and accelerating sustainability with the use of new and emerging technologies. Today, Bonnie is a Sustainability Strategist and Human Rights Educator with BonnEco, Inc. and specializes in complex supply chains.

Bonnie graduated from Penn State in Sociology and more recently obtained her Masters’ Degree in Learning Technologies and is pursuing a PhD in Global Leadership and Change, both at Pepperdine University.  She believes in the power of web-based collaboration and understands that blockchain technology, gamification, social media, online education using multi-media platforms, augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robotics and visual animation can and will dramatically accelerate a more sustainable future for future generations. 

 Bonnie has served in these roles for the following communities: 

  • Senior Partner with Environmental Resources Management (ERM)
  • Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Sustainability for Mattel Toys
  • Senior Sustainability Strategist and Advisor for the Sustainability Roundtable
  • Executive Director of Walmart led Sustainability Consortium
  • Director of Global Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing for Hewlett-Packard
  • Driver for the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition and Responsible Business Alliance
  • Chairwomen of the Board for Sustainable Silicon Valley
  • Vice President of Environmental Communications Consultancy, Circlepoint, Inc.
  • Director of Public Relations for the Boston Harbor Cleanup Project
  • Advisory Board for Sustainable Brands, Sustainable Works and Responsible Sourcing Network
  • Board Member for Pepperdine University Social Entrepreneurship and Change Council
Paul Forster

Paul Forster

  • Paul is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.  He is a Director of the Environmental Management and Technology program.  His teaching and research interests address the organizational and social aspects of technology.
  • Paul is a member of HKUST's Environmental Sustainability Steering Committee.
  • Prof Forster holds a BSc from the University of Alberta, an MSc and MBA from the University of Western Ontario, and an MS and PhD from UC Irvine.
Jason Mitchell

Jason Mitchell

  • Jason has over ten years experience in investment management and research, most recently at GLG Partners in London where he launched the Global Sustainability Fund in 2010 and oversees the environmental investments strategy.
  • From 2009 to April 2010, Jason worked as COO of Hydrotech International Ltd and as Advisor to the African Development Corp.  Prior to first working at GLG Partners from 2004 to 2008, he was at Andor Capital and Pequot Capital.  He attended UC at Berkeley.
  • His articles and comments have appeared in Institutional Investor, Responsible Investor and the Wall Street Journal.
Ben Ridley

Ben Ridley

  • Ben Ridley is Regional Head of Sustainability Affairs for Asia Pacific at Credit Suisse, based in Hong Kong.
  • In this role, Ben is responsible for developing and implementing a sustainability strategy in the region, assessing sustainability risks, and managing stakeholder relations.
  • Prior to joining Credit Suisse, Ben had 15 years experience as an environmental consultant in Hong Kong helping a broad range of clients identify and manage sustainability risks and opportunities.

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