Plastic Disclosure Project


The Plastic Disclosure Project needs your support to grow and scale.  This is one of the only programs in the world which can cut across all borders, by used by everyone, and not require bans, legislative cahnges, or taxes in order to work!    We rely on your financial support in order to keep our operations going, and growing, so that our outreach and userbase for this program can scale far and wide.  Our goal is to enable stakeholders around the world to use the Plastic Disclosure Project's methodologies and footprinting metrics so that plastic can be managed as a resource.  Together we can help improve resource management, save revenue, and reduce our collective waste footprint.  

You can donate to the PDP via Ocean Recovery Alliance, which is the operator of the program.  Donations can be made via PayPal on our homepage, or via our other donation sites - Just Giving, 1% for the Planet.  Please click the logos below for those options.  

 Donations are tax deductable in the U.S. and Hong Kong. 


You can also donate to us via Simply Giving, or also if your employer has a workplace giving program, your donation may be eligible for matching funds via Benevity!  If your workplace giving program is through Benevity, you can locate Ocean Recovery Alliance through your program giving site by searching the following unique identifier: 840-451347667 or our tax-ID (45-1347667) 

Donate to the Plastic Disclosure Project of the Ocean Recovery Alliance